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How Painful Is Microblading? Ana tells you the truth

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

First of all we must start by knowing what microblading is, it is a semi-permanent makeup technique that is currently in high demand. And it has become one of the most popular beauty treatments of the moment. 

Before the trend was to wear the eyebrows as clean and thin as possible and now it's the opposite. We love dense eyebrows that allow us to highlight the facial features giving more expressiveness to your look.

It consists of applying a pigment into the dermis (the middle layer of the skin) in order to fill or color the area. It is useful both to give the desired shape to your eyebrow and to cover the unpopulated parts of the same.

Now that we already know what microblading is, we will talk about the constant question that is repeated when performing this type of treatment. Does micropigmentation of the eyebrows hurt? Do you feel a lot of pain? How can I prevent it from hurting? Well, here we have the answer to all your questions. 

How Painful Is Microblading? Ana tells you the truth

So... Does eyebrow microblading hurt?

 As it is a technique very similar to tattooing, it is probably a question you ask yourself. The pain is something very objective and depends on the person, but usually if it ''hurts'' a little. It is a very tolerable pain, and for the realization of this treatment topical anesthesia is used in the area to reduce the discomfort.

Can it be considered pain? 

When performing micropigmentation, most people do not identify it as a painful sensation. It is more of an uncomfortable sensation or discomfort. 

As previously mentioned, it is something that is experienced personally, and each person is different. 

During treatment the discomfort can vary depending on the area of the eyebrow. It is like a slight and bearable touch, like the one you may have when tweezing your eyebrows. 

The ''pain'' of micropigmentation pays off in the end

To start micropigmentation is a semi-permanent tattooing technique, which basically consists of introducing pigment molecules into the layers of the epidermis by means of small cuts. It is carried out manually, which results in the most natural look possible. 

The first benefit to take into account is that it is a much more natural result than any other makeup technique. It is a technique of great precision that draws such fine lines that almost perfectly simulate each hair. 

It is a semi-permanent technique, which allows you not to worry for several months or even years. It is also a treatment that is done in a short time and has a long durability. It is much more cost-effective than having your eyebrows made up every day and paying for makeup.  


When is it not advisable for me to have microblading?

Although microblading is full of advantages (which you can consult on our blog and our website), the dermatologist states that microblading is recommended for everyone.

Specifically for allergic skin or skin with dermatitis In these cases, the person should go to the dermatologist and clarify the consultation. 

Treatment is also not recommended if you are pregnant or suffer from any disease. 

If you are in any of the situations mentioned above, you should first consult a doctor. 

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