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Permanent MakeUp After Care in order to Obtain The Best Result and Improve The Color Retention

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Permanent MakeUp After Care in Order to get the best results and perfect color retention on your eyebrows lips and eyeliner
Permanent MakeUp After Care

Permanent Makeup After Care PDF document and all matters you need to know before take a decision if Yes or Not you want to make an appointment for get Your Perfect Eyebrows and Lips Done and This is neccesary to read for all those Permanent Makeup Lovers and Right abve here it is available to download it.

English and Spanish Version about The Previous and Post Treatment Cares Before and After any Permanent MakeUp Procedure in order to improve the colour retention on your Brows, Lips and/or Eyeliner procedure.

Frecuent Questions ans Answers about Permanent Makeup Procedures and How you can avoid to feel disconfort Before and After each Tattoo and/or Semi Permanent Makeup Procedures.

Cuidados Pre y Post PMU Version Español
Download PDF • 6.92MB

FAQs Pre and Post Cares clients PMU English Version
Download PDF • 5.79MB


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