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Tag #45 is one of PMU artists’ favorite topical anesthetics to use during procedures to keep clients comfortable. It provides quick pain relief and reduces swelling within minutes of application. This gel-based formula sits well on the skin without sliding. It can be used for brows, eyes, lips or areola procedures during the treatment on open skin.


Containing 4% lidocaine and .04% epinephrine. It is to be used on open skin, not closed skin.


For licensed professional use only.
Active ingredients: Lidocaine 4HCI Local anesthetic, Epinephrine HCI .04%




Avoid contact with eyes
Do not swallow
Keep out of children’s reach
Do not use it if you have a history of liver disease or impairment
Do not use it if you have a known allergy or sensitivity to any of the components of this product. If sensitivity occurs, consult a doctor if the condition worsens or does not improve in seven days, or clears up and occurs again within a few days

Do not use in large quantities, particularly over raw surfaces or blistered areas
Do not use it if pregnant or nursing
In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse immediately with copious amounts of eyewash. Seek care from an eye care physician. If accidentally swallowed, seek medical help immediately
When using this product, you may notice temporary blanching, skin irritation or sensitivity of the skin where the product is applied
You may not have pain – avoid sources of heat or injury
You may have delayed swelling after the drug has dissipated

How to use:

Apply sparingly to open skin (do not use the product on closed skin)
Wait until the anesthetic effect occurs (2-5 minutes)
Wipe away before continuing with the procedure
During use, temporary blanching, skin irritation or sensitivity may be present

Avoid contact with eyes

Note: The product is ineffective when applied to closed/intact skin.


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