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Lip blushing - 6 Things to Know Before Tattooing Your Lips

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Beautiful Lady Righ After Lip Blushing Tatto Permanent Color
Lip blushing - 6 Things to Know Before Tattooing Your Lips

If you're obsessed with the effect lip tints give (aka an effortless pop of color that won't smudge), then it's time to think about lip blush. The sweet, ringing name is a way of saying a lip tattoo – but don't let that scare you. I will tell you how lip tattooing works, if it hurts, and how it can actually make your lips look bigger.

What is Lip Blushing?

Lip blush is a semi-permanent tattooing method designed to enhance the natural color and shape of your mouth for one to two years. Using a method called pixelating, I will deposits small, undetectable dots of pigment for line and shadow. The result is a color that looks like it could be your own - but with a boost (and a more pronounced shape). Using organic pigments and modern, digital tools that feature several needle configurations instead of one harsh setting.

How permanent is lip blush?

Similar to a cosmetic service like microblading - which uses a blade to manually create tiny cuts in the skin, which are then filled in with dye - results vary from person to person. Generally, lip blushing can last for several years, although your lifestyle contributes to its maintenance; smoking and sun exposure can speed up the fading process, and if you're oil-prone, have an iron deficiency, or use a lot of exfoliating products in your skin routine, the pigment can also fade faster.

Lip blushing does it hurts?

A lip tattoo looks painful - especially for someone who might be looking for an alternative to being injected with filler. It can be done under topical anesthesia and is tolerable. If you are concerned about your pain tolerance, a pain reliever such as Tylenol can be taken prior to the appointment; but be warned, aspirin and ibuprofen should be avoided as they can thin the blood and cause more sensitivity.

Is lip blush safe?

Lip flushing is a largely safe treatment when performed by a qualified and experienced professional," In order to prepare for the best and safest results, I will discuss with you, about your skin history beforehand, such as whether you deal with eczema, acne, cold sores, or rashes around the mouth, so I can determine if you're a good candidate, or if we will need to take special precautions (like going slower or using lighter punches) to avoid irritation.

Can it make your lips look bigger?

Look is the keyword here. While lip blush doesn't actually make lips look bigger, it does feel bigger - just like makeup, It will gives you a plumb look or a more defined look.

Beautifull Set of Permanent Lip Blushing After Tattoo Lips Neutralizing Dark Natural color
Lip blushing - 6 Things to Know Before Tattooing Your Lips

What to expect from Lip Blushing?

We first start by designing the "new" lip shape so that it can be evaluated and changes can be made. "Once the client is satisfied with the shape, we move on to the actual tattooing. The procedure takes 1.5 to 3 hours. At the end, the lips will be very swollen and over the next week they will begin to heal, so scabs may form. It is important that these scabs fall off naturally, as removing them may leave scarring or loss of pigment in these areas. It is also suggested to avoid sun exposure for two weeks. Initially, the color will be super vibrant, almost like a lip "stain." But the immediate results are nothing like the final lip cure. Once cured (a month later), the color fades about 30% to 50% and also blends with your natural lip color. The result is spectacular.


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